Exciting new covers!

I can’t believe it’s been four years since Anachronist was published, time literally has flown by! I can still remember the day I put the finishing touches to that first cover, and now I’ve finally bitten the bullet and allowed a professional to show me how it’s done. I think they look fantastic, capturing the […]

Aeons: Book four


We’re excited to announce the next book in the Infinity Engines series is available to pre-order, and to tempt you with its cover! Set four years after Eschaton, book four follows Josh, Caitlin and friends on a dark journey into the world of Reavers, Golems and Aeons as they uncover a conspiracy that has permeated […]

1888: The Ripper Revelation

1888 book cover

For all those lovers of gaslight, murder mysteries – I thought I would put a new spin on the most notorious serial killings and who Jack the Ripper might have been. 1888 sees the return of Inspector Sabien (Chimaera), and tells the tale of his investigation into the strange and horrific murders of five prostitutes […]