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Book Six: Contagion is out now!

The latest instalment in The Infinity Engines series is now available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited and paperback.

In the frozen wilderness of Antarctica, a team of researchers makes a shocking discovery: a century-old ship buried deep in the ice. As they begin to excavate the vessel, they realise that it holds a dark secret – inside, they find the frozen remains of a crew, long dead from a mysterious plague.

Alerted to the event, an agent of the Outlier division is dispatched to investigate. Discovering that the ship was part of Shackleton’s expedition to the South Pole and that the plague on board is unlike any they have seen before. With the help of the only survivor from the research team, they must race against time to unravel the mystery of the plague and prevent it from being unleashed on the world once again.

But as they dig deeper into the secrets of its past, they soon realise that there was a darker side to the expedition involving an ancient ritual and a powerful man who would stop at nothing to possess it. Can they uncover the truth and prevent disaster, or will they become the latest victims of the deadly plague?

Filled with danger, adventure, and time-travelling twists and turns, “Contagion” is a thrilling tale of survival in a world where the past and the future are intertwined.

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