About The Infinity Engines

An introduction from the author

Change the past. Save the future.

History is not as stable as you may think. The guilds of the Oblivion Order patrol the paths of the past, using the timelines of artifacts to navigate through back through time. They are the agents of change, the ones responsible for keeping the continuum on track – saving us from obliteration.

When a troubled seventeen-year-old, Josh, breaks into the house of the local eccentric, he finds himself drawn into the strange and secret world of the Order. He discovers that he too can travel through time and when he meets the beautiful Caitlin, Josh realizes he has a chance at a better future, but it’s one that means changing his past and that is strictly forbidden.

ANACHRONIST is a fast-paced time travel adventure that explores a unique world not bound by the rules of time, it takes you on an epic journey into the forgotten past.

The Anachronist is now available at Amazon.

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