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Fans of Doctor Who, Quantum Leap and Stranger Things will love this epic time travel adventure – first book in the fast-paced Infinity Engines series.

One step away from prison, 17-year-old Joshua Jones steals a WW2 medal from the house of a local eccentric, the Colonel, and finds himself transported back to Hitler’s war rooms in 1944.

The Colonel recruits Josh into a mysterious order dedicated to protecting history from the forces of chaos. With the help of a beautiful librarian, Caitlin, Josh begins an epic adventure into a world of alternate histories, time guilds and the nightmarish creatures of the maelstrom.

But Josh can’t escape his old life, and when a mission goes horribly wrong, he is forced to face the secrets of his broken past… and the overwhelming temptation to make a forbidden adjustment. Caught between a magical world of infinite possibilities and a life of crime, will he use his new-found powers to alter his own timeline?

Anachronist is the first book in the intriguing Infinity Engines time travel series. If you like damaged heroes, timeline paradoxes, and surprising twists and turns, then you’ll love Andrew Hastie’s fast-paced tale.

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A dangerous prophecy
An altered timeline
And a world of malevolent creatures

The second book in Andrew Hastie’s imaginative and original Infinity Engines series, Maelstrom is an action-packed, dystopian time travel adventure.

Caitlin has disappeared and someone has changed history. Lost in an alternate reality, Josh must discover who has disrupted the timeline and try to fix the continuum.

But there’s a problem. The Order has become divided over an old manuscript which describes the Maelstrom — a chaotic realm filled with ancient gods that exists outside of the timestream. One faction believes that Josh will be the key to unlocking its power, the other that he needs to die to save them from oblivion.

Josh must find Caitlin and a way into the maelstrom, discover the author of the book and rewrite the prophecy.

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Time is running out.
The Eschaton crises are converging.
Josh may be the only one who can save them, but he’s trapped in the future.

The third book in the original Infinity Engines series, Eschaton continues this action-packed, dystopian time travel adventure.

The Oblivion Order is falling apart, and the timeline is beginning to unravel. Dalton’s obsession with the Djinn threatens to bring down the continuum and the only way to stop him is to resolve the riddles of the Eschaton Cascade and find Josh’s father.

Follow Caitlin and Josh as they discover the origins of the Order and the future that the founder was aiming to avoid.

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Four years after the Nihil and the Order has a new threat.

A clay tablet is discovered at an excavation in Knossos, Crete. The text is written in a language that no one can decipher, but the Nazis have come to claim it and Napoleon sends his own Savants Temporal to the Minoan tomb.

Meanwhile something ancient is infecting the descendants of the great houses of Europe.

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Book five: Tesseract cover


How far would you go to save your son?

The fifth book in the best-selling time travel series, Tesseract, continues the story of Josh and Caitlin and their desperate search for their missing son, Zachary.

Taken beyond the borders of their continuum, they will need to recruit the greatest scientific minds of the twentieth century to create a powerful tesseract, a multi-dimensional portal that can unlock the alternate timelines of the Anunnaki.

But what they find will question everything they know about the origins of humanity.

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In the frozen wilderness of Antarctica, a team of researchers makes a shocking discovery: a century-old ship buried deep in the ice. As they begin to excavate the vessel, they realise that it holds a dark secret – inside, they find the frozen remains of a crew, long dead from a mysterious plague.

Alerted to the event, an agent of the Outlier division is dispatched to investigate. Discovering that the ship was part of Shackleton’s expedition to the South Pole and that the plague on board is unlike any they have seen before. With the help of the only survivor from the research team, they must race against time to unravel the mystery of the plague and prevent it from being unleashed on the world once again.

But as they dig deeper into the secrets of its past, they soon realise that there was a darker side to the expedition involving an ancient ritual and a powerful man who would stop at nothing to possess it. Can they uncover the truth and prevent disaster, or will they become the latest victims of the deadly plague?

Filled with danger, adventure, and time-travelling twists and turns, “Contagion” is a thrilling tale of survival in a world where the past and the future are intertwined.

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When she was just ten years old, Caitlin overheard her parents arguing about how she was going to die—the next day they disappeared.

Seven years later, Caitlin still goes back to that night, travelling back through time to try and understand what happened.

When she witnesses the grisly murder of her tutor, Caitlin finds herself caught up in the investigation to track down the serial killer – one whose victims are somehow linked across hundreds of years.

Inspector Sabien, an officer of the Temporal Protectorate, is assigned to the case. A time-cop with disturbing secrets of his own, Sabien takes on the search for the truth behind the seemingly motiveless murders.

Can Sabien decipher the cryptic evidence that links the victims? Will Caitlin discover the truth about what happened on that fateful night and the terrible decision that her parents had to make?

A prequel to the Anachronist, Chimaera is a fast-paced, fantasy thriller, which will take you on a journey into the dark paths of the Oblivion Order.

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A coming-of-age story about Rufius, a young Viking found abandoned in the woods outside of Jorvik in 954. Adopted by the local blacksmith, Rufius struggles to deal with the harsh life of an orphan and dreams of the sagas of his ancestors, wishing he could follow them into legend, but nothing ever changes.

Until the day he finds an ancient sword in his step-father’s forge and discovers he has the power to travel through time.

Rufius finds himself caught up in a world of time bandits, witches and a secret society of time travellers trying to protect the past.

A prequel to the best selling Infinity Engines series, Changeling explores the beginnings of the age of enlightenment  – a story that weaves through history, moving through key events that shaped the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. 

Follow the adventures of Rufius as he battles pirates, druids and the nagging doubt that he doesn’t belong.

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The year is 1776. New York is on fire. The British fleet are in the harbor, and Special Agent John Anderson still can’t believe he’s here…

It began when the FBI counter-terrorism system picked up suspicious activity at Mount Vernon. Anderson was assigned to find out why a crazy old man dressed as a British Redcoat was trying to break in and how the same guy could show up five minutes later at the Smithsonian.

The Colonel claims he is trying to change the past and prevent the assassination of General Washington. Anderson assumes he’s just off his meds – until the old man runs into a broom closet and disappears.

Infinity Engines: Missions takes you on a journey into an alternate history, one that might have been if it wasn’t for the work of the Oblivion Order and their mission to save the future, by changing the past.

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It’s 1888, the slums of London’s East End are overrun with crime, disease and poverty. In the dark alleys of Whitechapel, a serial killer begins a killing spree, preying on prostitutes and leaving them horrifically mutilated. Detective Inspector Sabien is assigned to the case. A seasoned officer of the Protectorate, the temporal police force of the Oblivion Order, Sabien is tasked with tracking the down murderer.

Seconded to the nineteenth-century, the Inspector has a rare talent, the ability to travel through the timelines of the victims, giving him a 100% track record and earning him the nickname of ‘Sherlock’. But this investigation is different, the Ripper seems to be able to hide from him, and as the body count begins to stack up, Sabien finds himself struggling to discover the killer’s identity.

Infinity Engines: Missions takes you on a journey into an alternate history, one that might have been if it wasn’t for the work of the Oblivion Order and their mission to save the future, by changing the past.

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