Great Review from Doctor Who Online

Review by Doctor Who Online

The time lords over at DoctorWho-Online have recently reviewed the Anachronist and had some rather pleasant things to say about it:

Anachronist is the perfect blend of History and Science Fiction with intelligent plot devices, rich characters and more time travel than you can shake a stick at. In fact, this is a story that will give any Doctor Who fan that warm, Mr Kipling-esque feeling of familiarity. The first chapter even feels like a pre-titles sequence set-up that literally launches you right into the action. There’s a slight feeling of John Green in Hastie’s style, and at its heart (and much like a John Green title) this is a coming of age story.

They gave it a cracking 9/10! Which when you add to the eleven 5-star reviews on is a pretty good reason to check it out – especially as it is FREE to download on Kindle this weekend (27th-29th May)

You can check out the full review here.