2. Maelstrom: Signed


A dangerous prophecy
An altered timeline
And a world of malevolent creatures

The second book in Andrew Hastie’s imaginative and original Infinity Engines series, Maelstrom is an action-packed, dystopian time travel adventure.

Caitlin has disappeared and someone has changed history. Lost in an alternate reality, Josh must discover who has disrupted the timeline and try to fix the continuum.

But there’s a problem. The Order has become divided over an old manuscript which describes the Maelstrom — a chaotic realm filled with ancient gods that exists outside of the timestream. One faction believes that Josh will be the key to unlocking its power, the other that he needs to die to save them from oblivion.

Josh must find Caitlin and a way into the maelstrom, discover the author of the book and rewrite the prophecy.

Available in paperback or hardback.

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