1. Anachronist: Signed


Doctor Who meets The Adjustment Bureau

“Something unique and wonderful – a disarming blend of historical fiction and sci-fi/fantasy.” ★★★★★

Travelling into the past using the timelines of ancient artefacts, the Oblivion Order explore the forgotten centuries, ones that never made it into the history books.

Weaving back through time, the secret society of eccentric anachronists ensures the best possible future for humanity, making subtle adjustments to the past – saving us from oblivion.

Every alteration is carefully calculated, and nothing is left to chance. Until the day Joshua Jones, a teenage thief, breaks into one of their station houses and finds himself transported back to 1944 – where he accidentally changes the outcome of WW2.

Josh is inadvertently pulled into their secret world of alternate realities, temporal guilds and chaos demons. With the help of Caitlin, a beautiful librarian, he learns to harness his abilities as she shows him a future he never dreamed he could have.

But beyond the temporal borders, an ancient evil is gathering, threatening to devour every moment that ever was.
Will Josh fulfil his destiny? Will he come to terms with his past?

A fast-paced, time travel adventure, Anachronist will take you on a journey into a world not bound by the rules of time, exploring history and the consequences of changing it.

Available in Paperback or Hardback.

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