The Library

The Library

Imagine a library so vast, so infinitely expandable that it could house not only every book that has ever been written but the all the drafts, edits and rewrites ever made — this is the Library of the Oblivion Order.

Managed by the Scriptorian Guild, the Library is one of the single largest institutions within the Order. It houses an original copy of every manuscript: as a leather-bound volume, papyrus scroll or clay tablet; the Scriptorians will have diligently tracked it down and saved it from obscurity or destruction.

The Scriptorians have an obsession with indexing their collection, something that has caused many issues over the years — as each Grandmaster takes it upon themselves to improve the existing system, leading to many iterations of the catalogue and an overall confusion about the whereabouts of certain precious volumes.

The Library is also used as a centre for learning; new recruits spend the first year learning about temporal mechanics and the basic symbology of time. In their second year, they are given their first Almanac and begin to use the books for practice missions.

Junior Scriptorian’s, known as Records Assistants, are expected to work the stacks using wired harnesses and trapeze-like equipment. They are able to work across the thousands of feet of shelving using steam powered winches, a good head for heights is an essential quality for any budding Scriptorian.

image: Erik Desmazieres