Chapter Houses

Chapter house

Chapter houses are sanctuaries for the members of the order – places of safety spread out through history to provide for the weary time traveller.

Hidden in plain sight, to anyone passing by they appear to be a typical house or business, but behind the nondescript frontage is concealed a labyrinth of rooms and floors, interconnected by time and space to create the most eclectic hotel imaginable.

The Charitable Home of the Hundred is the nearest Chapter House to the Frontier and is one of the most popular with the younger members of the Order. Maintained by Methuselah De Freis and his wife, Alixia, it is home to their three children Phileas, Simeon and Lyrandil and their adopted daughter Caitlin Makepiece. The house has some rather interesting features including a subterranean Byzantine bathhouse, a roof garden to equal the Palm house at Kew, and a Viking dining hall.

Most Chapter Houses masquerade as businesses to explain the flow of strangers through their doors, one of the more popular trades is funeral directing; the preparation of the dead has long been found to keep prying eyes at bay and create a ready supply of authentic clothing from the era. Methuselah and Alixia opted for a mobile existence, the house moves location on a regular basis and its  current address can only be found through the listings of a small book called “The London Guide.”