The first book of the Colonel


It’s been a long time in the making, but finally, I can reveal the next book in the Infinity Engines: Origins series – Changeling.

As one of the more popular characters from the Infinity Engines series, I thought it would be interesting to explore his origin story. Taking it back to the days when the Order was in its infancy, and the timelines were more like something from the wild west.

The story follows him from his recruitment at 15 by Dolovir in Jorvik, 954 –all the way to the formation of the order. On his journey he finds himself confronted with a number of ordeals including time bandits, druids, and a rather deadly coven of witches.

This was not an easy book to write. In fact, it’s had at least five rewrites. Trying to find the story didn’t come as easy as the others. Strangely I knew more about what I wanted to do with his next book than I did with this one. Originally, I planned this to be one novel, and so far this makes up my plan for Act 1, so expect more from our relentless hero.