Chimaera is coming!


Back in November, I took part in NaNoWrimo, a writing challenge that pushes you to crack out a 50K word novel in one month. It was hard going and there were times when I was completely winging it. I know most of you would have wanted me to be cracking on with book 3, but I wanted to take some time and I had this idea for an origins story about Caitlin that would look at her life a year before Josh came along and so Chimaera was born.

Chimaera book cover

I also wanted to write a crime thriller, just to see what it was like and thus Inspector Sabien was born.

Chimaera follows Caitlin as she becomes embroiled in a series of seemingly unconnected murders, ones that the Protectorate (the nearest thing that the Order has to a police force) are having difficulty solving. You will also get a chance to learn more about the Xenobiology department and the enigmatic Dr Kaori Shika.

I enjoyed creating this, mostly because of the chance it gave me to explore other parts of this crazy world I’ve created, plus I love the cover and for once no cliffhanger!

I plan to do more Origins stories in the future (definitely one about the colonel for starters) – but for now its back to book 3 and sorting out young Joshua’s future…

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