The Scriptorians

The Scriptorians are the Oblivion Order’s librarians. They are the custodians and curators of one of the most extensive collections of books and texts throughout history. As the protectors of forgotten knowledge, they are tasked with locating and recording any and all written materials.

Caitlin’s grandfather Lucius Makepiece was one of the most respected Grandmasters of the Scriptorian brotherhood.

Scriptorians do not take sides in the chaos debate – they pride themselves on their neutrality, believing that their only role is to accumulate knowledge and catalogue it.

There have been many internal battles within the Scriptorian hegemony as to the correct way to index the millions of documents they have collected. Each successive master has taken it upon themselves to discard the previous solution and create their own. Due to the size of the collection, it has never been possible to complete the entire re-indexing of the great library in one Master’s lifetime. The only system that has managed to survive all of these purges is the one that Caitlin’s grandfather introduced.

The libraries of the Scriptorians is so vast that the stacks reach over three hundred metres into the air. A series of winches and wire systems are used by the ‘book-keepers,’ who attend to the sorting and filing of the books, to allow them to move freely among the high shelves. To the uninitiated, it looks like they’re flying.