The Founder

John Dee

Lord John Dee, otherwise known as the Founder, is the leader of the Oblivion Order. As head of the Council, his role is to ensure that all factions and guilds of the Order adhere to the preservation of the Continuum.

Dee is Astrologer Royal to Queen Elizabeth I and spends most of his time in the Royal Court at Richmond which has also been the headquarters of the Oblivion Order since 1558.

His past is a mystery; there are no records of his life before he founded the Order. In its five hundred year history, he has always been at the head.  The earliest records describe how Dee brought together the disparate parts of the order, unifying a rag-tag band of time wanderers with no particular purpose by showing them the Infinity Engine and the Continuum it contained.

Dee’s Mathematical genius in probability and causality are enshrined in the formulae of the Continuum, a four-dimensional model of the last 12,000 years.  His theoretical research has become the doctrine of the Copernican Guild and been the bedrock of the Order for the last five centuries.

The Founder is a humble man, shunning the power that comes with such a position. There are many Determinists on the Council who believe it is time for him to step down, that the Continuum is reaching a crisis that requires a stronger, more direct approach and that the arrival of the Paradox, that has been predicted for so long, is imminent.