Once a Seer looked into my soul


Seers are the mystics of the Order. They are born with a natural ability to read the timelines of others; allowing them to ‘know’ you from a simple touch. They are usually quite eccentric and sometimes find the responsibility of their gift too much to bear. Bedlam is full of Seers who couldn’t handle the burden of the things they have seen.

Seers can view your past, and the more powerful ones can also look into your potential futures, these ForeSeers are rare indeed and are highly revered within the order. Dalton is a Seer with redactor abilites,  meaning he can erase memories.

Many Seers have dabbled in Reaving: the exploration of timelines close to death and have become obsessed with the afterlife, either threatening their own lives or hanging out with the recently deceased. Lyra, Caitlin’s step-sister, is one who has spent too much time in pursuit of the darker answers. Some Seers become quite religious about the idea that there is a greater force in the universe, which if they could go beyond the terminator, they could prove the existence of the elder gods – no one has yet managed to do this.

Although not strictly a guild in their own right, the Grand Master of the Seers is Edward Kelly. A quirky character who believes he can communicate with Angels via a Scrying Orb (Crystal ball) – Kelly is thought by many to be quite insane, but his predictions have been known to be far more accurate than those of the Copernicans, and he is a very good friend of the Founder – John Dee.

Nostradamus was said to be one of the most famous Seers, although he left the Order many years ago after a disagreement with Kelly, the two have not spoken in over two hundred years since Nostradamus started writing his prophecies in a code that no one could decipher.