Here be Dragons


By far the most elusive and secretive part of the Oblivion Order are the Draconians. Their name derives from the Latin ‘Hic Sunt Dracones‘ or ‘Here be dragons.’  This was a phrase used by early cartographers to fill in the blank spaces on their maps.

The Draconians are the ones charged with going into the forgotten parts of history; explorers of the darker parts of the past – they work outside of the well-trodden paths, unlocking timelines that would otherwise have disappeared from memory.

Beyond their surveying, they have also taken responsibility for rescuing the lost and misplaced. Their ability to track people through time with the smallest of leads has led them to be called the ‘bloodhounds’ by some and ‘stalkers’ by others.

There is one very special section within the Draconian guild, known as ‘Dreadnoughts,’ who are tasked with the most dangerous of jobs, to defend the Continuum from breaches. To keep out the threats that dwell in the Maelstrom, a timeless void that exists outside of normal time and space.

Caitlin’s parents, who were both Draconian ‘Nautonnier’s’ or Navigators, were lost on a mission when she was eleven.