Time Wyrrm

Time Wyrrm’s are rare and unusual parasites. Their bodies are so vast that they can stretch across many centuries, winding around the timeline they use burrowing tentacles to penetrate the Chronosphere, leeching the energies of the local population and usually resulting in plagues, famines and epidemics.

The Wyrrm can only exist in the outer layers of the Chronosphere, where time begins to lose its dominion over reality. They are said to possess telekinetic powers that allow them to manipulate the Continuum. The Xenobiological department have only ever managed to capture one small specimen of a Wyrrm, thought to be an adolescent, it was estimated to be over fifty years long and was thought to be responsible for an outbreak of Spanish Flu in 1918 that lead to 25 million deaths in 25 weeks.

The worst Wyrrm ever recorded was the Plague Wyrrm, whose influence stretched from 1354 to 1665, by which time it was calculated to have killed over a 200 million souls. When it was finally destroyed in London in 1665 the global population was said to have only stabilised to pre-Plague levels. This still remains the largest Wyrrm ever recorded, the Draconians responsible for detecting and destroying it were rumoured to be students on their second trial assignment.

Before the Plague Wyrrm, the creatures were thought to be extinct by many among the Oblivion Order, they had become the stuff of legend and treated as a childish fear, like the bogeyman.

Image: Chriscold