The Monads are said to be what remains of those who have been lost in time. They are ghost-like creatures who roam the Maelstrom looking for weakness in the Continuum and a chance to feed on the powerful energies within.

Some parts of the Order believe that the Monads are the servants of the elder gods. That if they could find a way to communicate with them they would be able to unlock the secrets of the universe, or at least learn more about the Maelstrom. Reavers, however, believe they are connected to the afterlife, the souls of the damned – cursed to live an eternity in the purgatory between life and death, and there does seem to be evidence to show they are usually sighted near the dead or dying.

The Xenobiology department of the Antiquarians has a number of captive Monads, which have to be held in Egyptian Coptic Jars bound with a chain to hold them.

Monads are one of the most effective weapons against the Strzyga and have been used to great effect against the demons.

The Monads are one of the most feared creatures of the Maelstrom, their touch alone is said to drain the life from the victim. The most effective defence against them is the Memory mace, a metal senser in which a relic would be burnt, the smoke of old memories causing a distracting haze that allows the Monad’s Chakra (a central energy node usually a piece of their original body) to be captured or destroyed.

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