Infinity Engines Missions: 1776

Infinity Engines Missions 1776

What if George Washington was killed before taking office?

The year is 1776. New York is on fire. The British fleet are in the harbor, and Special Agent John Anderson still can’t believe he’s here…

It began when the FBI counter-terrorism system picked up suspicious activity at Mount Vernon. Anderson was assigned to find out why a crazy old man dressed as a British Redcoat was trying to break in and how the same guy could show up five minutes later at the Smithsonian.

The Colonel claims he is trying to change the past and prevent the assassination of General Washington. Anderson assumes he’s just off his meds – until the old man runs into a broom closet and disappears.

Infinity Engines: Missions takes you on a journey into an alternate history, one that might have been if it wasn’t for the work of the Oblivion Order and their mission to save the future, by changing the past.

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