The intuit learning method of the Oblivion Order

Intuit learning method

Although they may live very long lives when members of the Order of Oblivion finally expire, they have the option to donate their timelines and their accumulated knowledge to Intuit learning. This is a tradition that stretches back to the very beginnings of the order’s founding when their numbers were less than a hundred, and there was a considerable risk that too much experience would be lost. The Intuit is a learning method that allows the user to tap into another’s past and transfer some of their accumulated learning. The head of the donor is preserved inside a glass jar full of electrolytic fluid, two electrodes are connected to the temples of the subject and the transfer initiated. The memories of the donor are preserved within the brain, they act like biological libraries of their life, so the subject can use them to navigate to a specific piece of information. In some cases, the donor’s dormant consciousness remains in some form of self-awareness and may actively engage with the subject. The passing of information is an accelerated learning process, a wholesale acquisition of data without the slow and¬†repetitious absorption of reading textbooks.

Language and local knowledge are the key uses for Intuit, many members have used it before jumping back on missions, learning cultural insights as well as colloquialisms that will let them pass as natives within the epoch. There have been some occasions where the Intuit has led to a ‘conjoining’ where the two minds become so interlinked, or the host mind is allowed to become too dominant, that the subject’s own personality is fragmented, their mind unable to accept the other mental structures and madness ensues.