Tesseract: Book Five

tesseract book

This was an interesting book to write.

I left myself with quite a challenge at the end of AEONS, not to go into too much detail but those who have read it know where I left the story. For some reason I keep doing this to myself, painting myself into corners — it seems to spark my creative processes to invent new ways to get out of dark places.

A tesseract is a hypercube, a four-dimensional construct that has the same relationship that a cube has to a square. Not, as many will know, the magical artefact from MCU but more like the interdimensional portal in Interstellar. I loved the idea that there would be other timelines to explore, and that the team would need something incredibly powerful to cross between them (something even the Nautilus couldn’t do) and that it would take the greatest physicists of the twentieth century to create it. Imagine bringing Einstein, Tesla and Feynman into the same room.

Then there’s the outstanding question of who were the Anunnaki, who were they and how were they related to the founder? I can’t lie, this part didn’t come easy, having written the first half of the book in less than two months, I hit a wall when it came to them. As usual, I’d planned the whole book, but threw away most of the second half when I got to writing it. Such is the life of a writer, constantly trying to find the right path.

Eventually, I found my inspiration in old episodes of Stargate SG-1. Having spent a considerable amount of my thirties working with my Brother-in-law (the legend that was Gossy) at conventions, meeting the likes of Don S. Davies, Amanda Tapping, Michael Shanks, Christopher Judge etc, there was something about their mixture of Egyptian mythology and advanced alien culture that fitted perfectly with what I needed.

So now the book is complete and takes its place on the shelf, I have to say, although it was painful at times, it was worth it… I hope you enjoy it!

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