The Almanac – book of time

Almanac - book of time

The Almanac is the Watchman’s best friend. It contains the briefings, notes and reference material for their missions. The Almanac is usually a leather bound journal that will look like it has seen better days.

The pages of the book are divided into centuries, and each one is covered in complex symbolic diagrams that describe events, outcomes and potential actions – predictions calculated by the Copernicans back in the 16th Century and transcribed into a version of the book that is kept in their time.

Mission instructions, maps and other useful information can usually be found in the Almanac, although it is generally written in code. The language and symbols used in the codification of causality are taken from many different cultures as well as obscure branches of science. In some cases, this sometimes includes cyphers that cannot be understood until the correct point in time.

Every Almanac is traceable, like the Tachyon, they are a way for the order to keep track of their members. Should one fall into the hands of another, the pages will age in a matter of seconds and leave nothing but dust.

Although every member of the Order is required to carry an Almanac, only those that work in the field use them to the full; the scholars and the statisticians think of them more as symbolic tokens of their membership and tend to carry small, pocket-size editions.