Second chancer

What would you do if you could go back and change one thing? Give yourself a second chance, do something differently…

It’s a question that has plagued Josh throughout his teenage years. We have all felt the pang of regret at the road not taken, the words left unspoke – the consequences of our actions or inactions determining the life that follows.

Josh has tried many ways to forget what happened in his past – the memory of the crash that left his best friend in a coma, the pain of seeing them turn the machine off two weeks later still haunts him. After the accident everything seemed to go wrong, his mother’s MS became so much worse, keeping him at home for weeks to care for her, not something many twelve-year-olds should have to contend with.

Then there is the debt he owes the GhostSquad, the local gang run by Lenin – who pulled Josh out of the car and saved his life. Sometimes Josh wished he hadn’t.

Josh has never thought much about the future, most days he doesn’t even think about tomorrow, but his mother’s condition is getting worse and there’s hardly anything left to sell to pay off Lenin. With his criminal record, there is no chance of a job, he has little choice but to steal, but that single action changes his life forever.