The Scriptorians

The Scriptorians are the Oblivion Order’s librarians. They are the custodians and curators of one of the most extensive collections of books and texts throughout history. As the protectors of forgotten knowledge, they are tasked with locating and recording any and all written materials. Caitlin’s grandfather Lucius Makepiece was one of the most respected Grandmasters […]

Here be Dragons


By far the most elusive and secretive part of the Oblivion Order are the Draconians. Their name derives from the Latin ‘Hic Sunt Dracones‘ or ‘Here be dragons.’ ¬†This was a phrase used by early cartographers to fill in the blank spaces on their maps. The Draconians are the ones charged with going into the […]

The Copernicans


The Copernicans are responsible for calculating the best course into the future. As statisticians, they spend their lives dedicated to understanding and assessing risks; like actuaries they look at all the potential factors involved in the future of humanity and make a calculated decision about whether it should be adjusted. This requires millions of pieces […]


Every member of the Oblivion Order has the ancient symbol of Ouroboros tattooed onto their forearm. This ancient symbol of the serpent eating its tail originates from Ancient Egypt and represents the infinite cycle of creation and destruction. The tattoo is a mark of honour that the bearer can be trusted, it is branded into […]