• Oblivion Order
  • The Frontier – precipice of time


    The point at which the future becomes the present is known as the Frontier. A precipice overlooking the unknown future, it holds a strange fascination for the younger members of the Oblivion Order who are drawn to the temporal forces that weave the possible into reality. They travel through the past to hang out near the edge […]

  • Oblivion Order
  • The Continuum


    The main timeline is commonly referred to as the Continuum, but in reality, the Continuum is the Order’s mathematical model, a complex algorithmic formula that is used to manage the past and calculate possible futures. I was inspired by Asimov’s Second Foundation and their Prime Radiant. This was a holographic cube that recorded every change and […]

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  • Lensing


    Lensing is a Draconian technique which uses specially treated mirrors to refract different versions of the time stream. It allows the user to look at alternative paths, see how their current time could have been. Lensmen spend years learning how to interpret the many-layered multiverse that the Lens exposes, an experience which is known to induce […]

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  • Maelstrom


    Outside the Continuum lies the Maelstrom. As the name suggests it is a place where anarchy reigns: a chaotic null space where time holds no dominion. It is believed by some to be the home of the Elder Gods and a myriad of dark and malevolent creatures such as the Strzyga, Monad and many other nameless horrors. The […]

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  • The Protectorate

    Protectorate - time secret police

    The Protectorate’s role is to ensure the safety of the Order itself – a  section that answers to no one but the Prime. Operating as a kind of secret police, they are both hated and revered by other members of the Order. They work in the shadows, mostly on intelligence gathering, surveillance and covert operations […]

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  • Belsarus – out of place objects

    out of place objects

    Johannes Belsarus was a 13th-century watchman who thought he had discovered a way into the future. Obsessed with the idea of being the first man to break through the frontier, he spent many years working on various hair-brained schemes and machines to try and manipulate the timelines – everything from extraordinary electrical experiments to arcane […]

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  • The Founder

    John Dee

    Lord John Dee, otherwise known as the Founder, is the leader of the Oblivion Order. As head of the Council, his role is to ensure that all factions and guilds of the Order adhere to the preservation of the Continuum. Dee is Astrologer Royal to Queen Elizabeth I and spends most of his time in the […]

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  • The Oblivion Order

    No one knows they exist and that is how they like to keep it. They are a secret society of time travellers dedicated to the preservation of the Continuum – a timeline that leads to the best future for humanity. The Order of Oblivion were created to stop the end of the world, or at […]

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  • Antiquarians


    The Antiquarians are the curators of artefacts, warehousemen and general quartermasters of the Oblivion Order. Their vaults contain precious objects, art and curiosities that span the last 12,000 years. Antiquarians are generally an eccentric bunch, like archaeologists they tend to work within specific periods of time, obsessive to the point of OCD on their era of […]