There has been some interesting feedback on one of my facebook posts recently. The question I posed was ‘What would you do if you could go back in time and change one thing?’ and the comments that it received are quite diverse, sometimes personal and rather sad. There were a number that fitted the classic […]

Ice Age Antediluvians


There has always been something that has fascinated me about a pre-flood (antediluvian) civilisation. If we can assume that there actually was a genuine deluge at some point, and there have been a number of studies into creation myths from disparate cultures that seem to suggest there was one — the Babylonian flood story is believed […]

Antiquarian Railways

Antiquarian Railway

My father has always loved the railways, as an engineer he spent his life working for British Rail. He would come home and talk about substations and electrification, buzz bars and 24KV like they were some kind of secret government experiment. He even built a miniature rail network in my bedroom, and we spent many […]

The conception of randomness

Randomness is defined as a lack of pattern or predictability to events. It has been studied by Mathematicians, Statisticians, Biologists and even Bankers for hundreds of years. Some have even given it formal definitions and equations to try to harness it. The enigma of random has fascinated scientists as if it were some property of […]

The trouble with time

Clock faces

I have always been fascinated by the idea of Time Travel. It began in the late 70’s with the wonderful Tom Baker as Dr Who, there I would be hiding behind the sofa at my Nan’s, watching as any number of rubber-suited men would once again try and end mankind, destroy the earth or generally […]