Alixia – Extinction Curator

Extinction curator

Alixia De Freis is an extinction curator — a temporal conservationist: she has spent her life studying and cultivating extinct species of flora and fauna — including a Dodo by the name of Maximillian. Alixia is married to Methuselah, and between them, they have three children: Phileas, Lyrandil and Simeon. The De Freis family are the stewards of the […]



Dalton, 20, is a member of one of the older families – the Eckharts – one of only the three bloodlines that have been able to pass their abilities down through the generations.His forebears have had a seat on the council for the last 500 years, giving them high status and wealth within the order. […]

Bad friend

If there were one person in Josh’s past that he wished he had never met it would be Lenin. They met at primary school – even then he was a leader. Lenin was always the kind of kid that was popular, got his own way, and knew how to convince the bullies to work for […]

The lost girl

Caitlin’s parents disappeared when she was eleven, and she has spent the last seven years under the care of the Oblivion Order. As an initiate in the Scriptorians, her life has been dedicated to studying ancient knowledge, mostly in the Great Library of Alexandria, but her speciality is warfare – and especially the martial arts. Fiercely […]

The hoarder

He is the kind of guy you would cross the road to avoid. The shambling, smelly old man pushing the shopping trolley full of newspaper and broken toys – talking to an imaginary friend. Kids laugh at him, calling him names, ridiculing his army surplus clothes, his unkempt hair and the raggedy beard – he […]

Second chancer

What would you do if you could go back and change one thing? Give yourself a second chance, do something differently… It’s a question that has plagued Josh throughout his teenage years. We have all felt the pang of regret at the road not taken, the words left unspoke – the consequences of our actions […]