Elder Gods & Clockwork Universes

Elder Gods

There are those among the order who believe in the existence of god-like forces outside of the Continuum. They refer to them as ‘elders’ or ‘ancients’ and treat them with reverence; believing that they are responsible for the patterns of coincidence and serendipity within the universe. They believe that fate and destiny are predetermined by higher forces with a grand plan and that the universe is not entirely random. This theory is sometimes referred to as the ‘clockwork universe’ by the non-believers; their symbol is a Da Vinci stylised ‘Vitruvian man’ inside a gear wheel.

Since no one has any real evidence of their existence, there are various theories about the elders. Some believe them to be dark malignant forces that do evil – that the monads and the other timeless creatures of the maelstrom are their servants. While others see them as the agents of good – that have influenced the fate of the universe in subtle ways.

There are a few that believe the gods have deserted them. These are known as the despondent.

The Copernicans refused to allow any such believer within their guild, stating that the mere belief of a higher power reduces their ability to predict accurately.