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    book 2

    So with the first book published and picking up five-star reviews and great feedback, I can now settle down and get on with writing the second. It’s an interesting challenge when you revisit the chapter plan that you slaved over a year ago. Some ideas, that made total sense back then, just don’t fit with […]

  • Second book
  • The End of Times – Eschatology

    End times

    The second book is progressing well. Without giving too much away I have found myself looking into the myths and beliefs about the end of the world. The end of times is an anathema to the Oblivion Order after all their organisation is founded on the avoidance of Armageddon. The end times, or end of days, is captured in the […]

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  • Newton, Apples and the Memoirs of Stukeley


    I saw a comment on Amazon.com the other day; a reader had not enjoyed my reference to Newton and the apocryphal apple incident. It is a passing remark that the Colonel makes during a drunken evening: They both drank then to ‘an interesting death’ and sank into quiet contemplation of their own mortality and those they had […]