• Monsters
  • Time Wyrrm

    Time Wyrrm’s are rare and unusual parasites. Their bodies are so vast that they can stretch across many centuries, winding around the timeline they use burrowing tentacles to penetrate the Chronosphere, leeching the energies of the local population and usually resulting in plagues, famines and epidemics. The Wyrrm can only exist in the outer layers of the […]

  • Oblivion Order
  • Lensing


    Lensing is a Draconian technique which uses specially treated mirrors to refract different versions of the time stream. It allows the user to look at alternative paths, see how their current time could have been. Lensmen spend years learning how to interpret the many-layered multiverse that the Lens exposes, an experience which is known to induce […]

  • Oblivion Order
  • Maelstrom


    Outside the Continuum lies the Maelstrom. As the name suggests it is a place where anarchy reigns: a chaotic null space where time holds no dominion. It is believed by some to be the home of the Elder Gods and a myriad of dark and malevolent creatures such as the Strzyga, Monad and many other nameless horrors. The […]

  • Oblivion Order
  • The Protectorate

    Protectorate - time secret police

    The Protectorate’s role is to ensure the safety of the Order itself – a  section that answers to no one but the Prime. Operating as a kind of secret police, they are both hated and revered by other members of the Order. They work in the shadows, mostly on intelligence gathering, surveillance and covert operations […]