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  • Chapter Houses

    Chapter house

    Chapter houses are sanctuaries for the members of the order – places of safety spread out through history to provide for the weary time traveller. Hidden in plain sight, to anyone passing by they appear to be a typical house or business, but behind the nondescript frontage is concealed a labyrinth of rooms and floors, […]

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  • The Library

    The Library

    Imagine a library so vast, so infinitely expandable that it could house not only every book that has ever been written but the all the drafts, edits and rewrites ever made — this is the Library of the Oblivion Order. Managed by the Scriptorian Guild, the Library is one of the single largest institutions within […]

  • Characters
  • Dalton


    Dalton, 20, is a member of one of the older families – the Eckharts – one of only the three bloodlines that have been able to pass their abilities down through the generations.His forebears have had a seat on the council for the last 500 years, giving them high status and wealth within the order. […]

  • Beliefs
  • Elder Gods & Clockwork Universes

    Elder Gods

    There are those among the order who believe in the existence of god-like forces outside of the Continuum. They refer to them as ‘elders’ or ‘ancients’ and treat them with reverence; believing that they are responsible for the patterns of coincidence and serendipity within the universe. They believe that fate and destiny are predetermined by […]

  • Oblivion Order
  • Belsarus – out of place objects

    out of place objects

    Johannes Belsarus was a 13th-century watchman who thought he had discovered a way into the future. Obsessed with the idea of being the first man to break through the frontier, he spent many years working on various hair-brained schemes and machines to try and manipulate the timelines – everything from extraordinary electrical experiments to arcane […]