The Antiquarians are the curators of artefacts, warehousemen and general quartermasters of the Oblivion Order. Their vaults contain precious objects, art and curiosities that span the last 12,000 years.

Antiquarians are generally an eccentric bunch, like archaeologists they tend to work within specific periods of time, obsessive to the point of OCD on their era of expertise. Many decide to retire to their preferred period and ‘go native.’

Antiquarian vaults are usually vast, underground labyrinths found in the lower basement levels of Museums, which they travel between using the Antiquarian Railway. Virtually every institution on the planet has some member of the Antiquarian order working within it. Their duties include restoration, preservation and cataloguing of historical artefacts as well as looking after the finances. The Order have accrued a substantial fortune over the thousands of years on their watch, they own one of the oldest banks.

The Engineering department of the Antiquarian Guild oversees the development and manufacture of the Tachyon and other devices used within the Order. They jealously guard the secrets of their designs, so much so that no one has ever actually met nor would admit to being an Antiquarian Engineer.

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