• Monsters
  • Monads


    The Monads are said to be what remains of those who have been lost in time. They are ghost-like creatures who roam the Maelstrom looking for weakness in the Continuum and a chance to feed on the powerful energies within. Some parts of the Order believe that the Monads are the servants of the elder […]

  • Devices
  • The Almanac – book of time

    Almanac - book of time

    The Almanac is the Watchman’s best friend. It contains the briefings, notes and reference material for their missions. The Almanac is usually a leather bound journal that will look like it has seen better days. The pages of the book are divided into centuries, and each one is covered in complex symbolic diagrams that describe events, […]

  • Monsters
  • Time demons – The Strzyga


    The Strzyga are a race of demons that live outside of normal time. Usually found close to apertures; they feed on personal timelines of linear beings, harvesting the life force and untapped futures of their victims. Once they have absorbed the life history, the Strzyga can take on the appearance of its prey and can […]

  • Oblivion Order
  • Antiquarians


    The Antiquarians are the curators of artefacts, warehousemen and general quartermasters of the Oblivion Order. Their vaults contain precious objects, art and curiosities that span the last 12,000 years. Antiquarians are generally an eccentric bunch, like archaeologists they tend to work within specific periods of time, obsessive to the point of OCD on their era of […]