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  • Eschaton – Book 3

    Eschaton pre-order

    So I know it’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been through some interesting times in the last couple of months — leaving my full-time job for one. Anyway, the good news is with all this free time I suddenly have it has meant that book 3 is now getting a lot more […]

  • Origins
  • Chimaera is coming!


    Back in November, I took part in NaNoWrimo, a writing challenge that pushes you to crack out a 50K word novel in one month. It was hard going and there were times when I was completely winging it. I know most of you would have wanted me to be cracking on with book 3, but […]

  • Second book
  • Maelstrom – second book update

    book 2

    Just a quick update on progress on the second book – Maelstrom. The third draft is done and it’s shaping up rather nicely, over 85,000 words and counting! It’s now off to my nearest and dearest (and my harshest critics) for a first read-through. Assuming it passes without too much criticism, then it’s off to […]

  • Ideas
  • Paradox


    There has been some interesting feedback on one of my facebook posts recently. The question I posed was ‘What would you do if you could go back in time and change one thing?’ and the comments that it received are quite diverse, sometimes personal and rather sad. There were a number that fitted the classic […]

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  • Romance in Science Fiction

    Romance in Science Fiction

    Romance in Science Fiction is quite a polarising topic, much like marmite. There is something about this particular genre that makes authors tend to shy away from overplaying the romantic angle. Although that’s not to say all SciFi avoids it, maybe it’s just the stuff that I’ve read (and please feel free to put me […]

  • Beliefs
  • Reavers


    Reavers were something I developed as a way to explore the darker side of time; what happens at the end of your timeline. Death is not an easy subject to deal with, no one likes to see a character die – except for George RR Martin who seems to take incredible pleasure in offing his […]

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  • Evil Villain Motivation (EVM)

    Evil Villan Motivation

    I have come to a point in book two that I wasn’t expecting – my EVM is out of whack. Up until now, the story had been flowing quite nicely, everything was joining up as it should, and there were no serious deviations from the plan. Then along comes this really cool sub-plot that took […]